Danses sexuelles; in praise of Anne

Skin heats and grills deeper down
the way furnaces scorch walls, ceilings,
††††††††bend nearby bedposts
when their iron isnít enough.

Along curves, globules of sweat, semen,
other mad forms of love,
form streams to creases where your belly
meets the warmer places;
††††††††gather there for pores to captivate,
absorb for another night.

Lungs sucking smoke,
gravity folds tresses of dark hues
into crumpled satin beneath your neck;
††††††††breasts flat, spread from side to side.

Skin cools, smells of salt.
Amber light dims, wax swallows a flame,
summer nightís glow resonates
sweet blue war paints
from corner to corner, thigh to thigh;
an electrical storm sweeps from fingertips
to coat more tender flesh
in the quiet
of afterglow.

© 2003 Pedro Trevino-Ramirez.  All rights reserved.

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