2003 Toni La Ree Bennett

Toni La Ree Bennett has led a random life, spending most of it in most of the Western United States.   She attended the University of Washington (Seattle) where she received her Ph.D. in English and a B.A. in Italian. Her verbal work has appeared in Puerto del Sol, Hawaii Pacific Review, Journal of Poetry Therapy and Viet Nam Generation among other publications.  She has several poems included in the anthology The Muse Strikes Back published by Story Line Press.  Her photography has appeared in Pierian Springs, Atomic Petals, American Muse, and now Tryst. In addition to trying to shoot, enhance, and organize thousands of digital photos, currently she is pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems and Web Development and works as a financial, information manager at a major university.  She founded Uccelli Press in 2001 and is editor of the online quarterly, Branches.  

Email toni@tonilareebennett.net 


 Artist's Statement

I have been passionately taking photographs for over 25 years. With the advent of digital photography, I am now seriously working with my photographs as an art form. I take photographs of everything I see, from spectacular architecture to pencils on my desk, and I see photographs everywhere. My photographs are an assortment of black and white, color, sepia, and digitally manipulated.  I have always been obsessed with recording, whether it be audio, computer, diaries, copy machine, or with camera.  I suspect it has something to do with my unreliable memory; one of the reasons I take photographs on my travels is so that I can see where I've been and know where I've gone. It might also have something to do with wanting to have the last word on reality..  I am also a writer and believe that the marriage of words and images is a particularly fortuitous one. To that end, I edit an online literary/fine art journal, Branches, in which all the verbal pieces are paired with a visual one.


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