Ferry Sequence #9

Porthole; taken on a ferry crossing over to the peninsula where my mother lives in western Washington.

Sphinx Madrid Spain

Sphinx Torso ; Madrid, Spain in front of the Museum.

Garden Angel

My mother's October garden, taken the same day as the ferry crossing. She wondered why I would want to take a picture of a garden in the fall but I think this picture answers her question.

Snowy Night Balloons

Taken in Seattle, WA after a surprise March snowstorm last year.

Outhouse & Goatshead

Taken on a birding trip on the island of Hawaii.  The combination of the decapitated goat's head in front of an outhouse on a foggy morning was very unsettling and still is.

Foggy Field

Also on the island of Hawaii during the same birding trip, searching for an elusive yellow bird I've forgotten the name of.

Pacific Park on Pier

Santa Monica Pier - taken this September while visiting my son recuperating from chemotherapy.

Dead Fox Beach

Digitized picture from a scan. So moved by this sight, I wrote the poem "Dead Fox" in this issue.

Sweeping Man

I like the counterpoint of the sitting statue and the sweeping man on the banks of the Danube in Budapest, Hungary,  September 2001 with the black cloud of 911 hanging over us all.


Christmas 2001, Seattle.  I'm beginning to accumulate pictures of balloons. Maybe someday I'll do a show of my balloon pictures.  I was caught by the tension between the trapping branches and the freedom of the sky.

Blue Leaf

Seattle, WA.  A leaf across the street from where I work with some digital work done on it.

Gold Blue Birch

Greenlake, Seattle, WA.  I like birch trees a lot, especially when they're blue.

Catalina Cafe Threshold

Catalina, CA.  Having lunch with my son and trying to show him anywhere I go I can find something to take a picture of.

Back of Stop Sign

A stop sign about a block from where I work. Do signs tell us anything viewed from the back?

Two People in a Tunnel

Tunnel People; Budapest, Hungary, September 2001.

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