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  Corrie Ancone writes: "Drawing my inspiration from mythology and nature, my creativity stems from my lust for finding and exploring sympathies between the human body and natural textures. Using the technique of sandwiching stills, where colours and textures collide, I create new visual and emotional dimensions, often painterly and surreal. Abstract landscapes and a pantheon of contemporary mythological beings, charged with sensuality and tinged with more than a hint of eroticism.  I studied  at the St. Australian School of Art for a Diploma of Fine Arts, and have been exhibiting my work regularly since 1971.  I began exhibiting as a painter and moved to the medium of photography in 1977. I have been freelancing now, for over 20 years as a professional photographer in the arts, music, documentary, film, and in some corporate areas here in Sydney, Australia.

T.E. Ballard is a professional artist and writer now living in the Midwest with her two young daughters. You may find more of her work in The Melic Review, Paumanock Review, Mandrake Press, Gumball Poetry, Pierian Springs, Snow Monkey Press.  She was the Special Merit Winner in the 2002 Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Award sponsored by Comstock Review. Her poem, "Early Hours of Sky" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize this year.

Lannie Baylor writes: "Lannie's poetry is always personal, always entertaining, and always compelling you to drop your fork in mid-read. Born and reared in a Philadelphia orphanage, Lannie went on to earn a Master's Degree at Penn State University in Molecular Biology. Most of his down-time is spent re-writing submission manuscripts in the College of Science. Most of his up-time is spent with his wife Snuzie, their cat "Get-Outta-The-Way" , and they reside in Altoona, Pa. That alone should pique your attention.

Gary Blankenship is a retired financial manager whose avocation is writing poetry. His work has appeared in several zines and a few paper mags in the USA and other countries. He edits the poetry pages of Writer's Hood, a zine and his home page. A chapbook, Autumn Reflections, has been published.  He is the CEO and secretary for Santiam Publishing, which does limited edition chapbook runs.   He wonders if he is an editor with a poet rattling around inside or a poet with an editor trying to get out.  He has taught, moderated, judged and otherwise likely screwed up his brother and sister poets.

Üzeyir Lokman Çayci is a poet, a writer, and a versatile artist. He was born in 1949 in Bor which is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey. He attended primary and high school there.  And then he graduated as an Architect - Designer of Industry from The Fine Arts Academy of State in Istanbul.  His important works are, Akşamların Durağı , Karar, he has many poems, stories and articles as well. His fine arts drawing and paintings have caught everyone's attentions since he was 14 years old. His poems were translated into French by Yakup YURT who loves art. The Reward of Eagerness was given by The Radio NPS of Holland in 1999 and The Reward of Palmares was given by The Organization of Les Amis de Thalie in France to him. He placed in a poem competition from the same Organization at the same year too. He works in The Center of Adult Education ( AFPA ) at present.

Marion Deutsche Cohen is a poet, writer, mathematician and mother; as well, a spouse and a thrift-shopper. Her latest books are EPSILON COUNTRY (Center for Thanatology Research, N.Y.) and DIRTY DETAILS (Temple University Press, Philadelphia).  She teaches math at Philadelphia University.

AnnMarie Eldon was born in Birmingham England. In previous incarnations she was wife, therapist, corporate wizardatrix. She has divided her time and sense of irony between homes in the US and UK. Since September 2001 she settled in a picturesque Thames market town. When not juggling assorted children and dogs, she resists hormones.

Helyn Davenport is an accomplished photographer and Florida native.  A Psychology and Business major from St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a diversified background that has included Television Production, Marketing and Counseling Helyn's work has evolved from her journey through self-discovery and gift of visual expression to one of today's most widely acclaimed photographic artist. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and galleries, winning competitions for her photographic work, has been very rewarding and has enabled Helyn to make numerous contacts around the world. She is a member of the International Association of Digital Fine Art Printers, and the Photography Jury for the Master of 2002 Annual Art Award at BTDesign Art Gallery and serves as President of Pixiport.

Rich Furman PhD, is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at Colorado State University.  His poetry has been published or is soon to be published in: Red Rock Review, Colere, Pearl, Hawaii Review, Black Bear Review, The Journal of Poetry Therapy, Poetry Motel, Penn Review, and well over 100 poems in nearly 100 literary journals.   His work has been described as neither street nor beat nor meat nor academic, but an emotionally evocative mix of styles that can be brutally imagistic or powerfully terse. His scholarly writing is concerned with social work ethics, international social work, friendship, social work theory and social work practice. He teaches group and practice courses in the BSW and MSW programs. He is married to a wonderful women who has more freckles than there are craters on the moon, has two children, loves to mountain bike, and is slightly obsessed with his two spectacular, drooling American Bull dogs.  Mostly, he just likes to live as fully as possibly. He welcomes feedback, comments and dialogue about his work. 

Allen Itz writes, "after several poems in the late sixties, I quit writing for nearly thirty years, beginning again a couple of years ago after ending one career and before starting another. Since then I've had work in a number of on-line and print journals, including Neiderngasse, The Melic Review, The Green Tricycle, The Horsethief's Journal, Beatnik, Avant Garde Times, Eclectica, Maelstrom, The Poet's Canvas, the ShallowEnd and others. I write in a lot of different styles, with humor an element in many of my poems, including a couple of these. While I don't usually aim at great depth in my work, I do look for insight. The greatest reward for a poet is the attention of a reader. I welcome comments from readers at my email address,"

kris t kahn's poetry and prose-poems have appeared in various publications including, most recently, The Cortland Review, Naked Poetry, Stirring, 3 AM Magazine, Scarlet Letters, Samsara Quarterly, The Melic Review among others.  Author of two poetry chapbooks -- the Gospel according to Thomas published November 2001 by 2River View) and for a ghost: poems and arguments against leaving (self-published in limited-edition, May 2002) kris is also Editor-in-Chief of the online poetry journal SOMETIMES CITY.  He lives in New Jersey.

jim mccurry currently resides in Galesburg, Illinois.  He received his M.A. in creative writing from Colorado State Univ. Recent publications include Alba, Big City Lit., Cyber Oasis, Drought, Eleven Bulls, Identity Theory, Niederngasse, Snow Monkey Press, Tryst, Zacatecas Review and Zuzu's Petals Quarterly.  Earlier credits include Quarterly West and Writer's Forum (Gerard Manley Hopkins Prize, 1999).  He's taught at Carl Sandburg College in philosophy and poetry since 1980, and has a PhD from the University of Denver.

Jan Zahler Lebow is an L.A.-based prizewinning poet who is currently obsessed with exploring the existential angst occasioned by her son growing up and preparing to fly the coop for college. When she's not creatively mining her own pain from empty nest syndrome, she's helping other women weather change through "Women in Transition" workshops and personal coaching.

Steve Mueske received a MFA in Writing and BA in English and Philosophy from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. His prose and poetry have appeared in a number of print and electronic journals including Rattle, Water-Stone, Red River Review, ArtWord Quarterly, The Wisconsin Review, the South Dakota Review, ForPoetry, Red River Review, Poems Niederngasse, Pierian Springs, Snow Monkey and elsewhere.  He is the editor, designer and administrator for the online poetry journal, three candles and regularly reviews books for  He teaches poetry and new technology workshops at The Loft, a center for writers in Minneapolis.

Shawnte Orion lives in Surprise, AZ and was a finalist for Arizona State Poetry Society and Writer's Foundation awards. His poetry was recently published in The Stickman Review, Hinge, The Peralta Press, Melange, and Pierian Springs and is forthcoming in Copious Magazine. Cactus Empire is from an unfinished chapbook of poetry from Arizona. E-mail:

James Owens lives in Northport, Ala., where he is the editor of The Sow's Ear Poetry Review. Recent or upcoming publications include Wind, Nantahala, 3rd Muse, and The Blue Fifth Review. He was the featured poet in the summer 2002 issue of The Adirondack Review.

Heidi Schwartz writes, "I received a Masters in Creative Writing from NYU and have published in the Dana Literary Society, The Whirling Dervish, National Poetry Magazine, Poetry Motel, Shilleleah, and some other small publications. I've had several different kinds of work including being the Witch in Rapunzel, a Tarot Card Reader, other acting work, and computers. I've studied writing with Galway Kinnell, Carolyn Forche, and Sharon Olds and others."

Tom Sheehan has been retired 12 years. Two novels issued, one in print and one serialized on Internet. Cited with a 2001 Silver Rose Award for Short Story Excellence by ART.  Has many pieces online and in print issues over the years. Nominee for Pushcart, The Zine Yearbook and E-2-Ink, won Eastoftheweb's 2002 nonfiction competition. In 2001 met four comrades he has not seen since 1951 in Korea. 

David Starkey writes, "I teach in the MFA program at Antioch University-Los Angeles, and I am the author of a textbook, Poetry Writing: Theme and Variations (NTC, 1999), as well as several collections of poems from small presses, most recently Fear of Everything, winner of Palanquin Press's Spring 2000 chapbook contest, and David Starkey's Greatest Hits (Pudding House, 2002). In addition, over the past thirteen years I have published more than 300 poems in literary magazines such as American Scholar, Beloit Poetry Journal, Cutbank, High Plains Literary Review, The Journal, Massachusetts Review, Mid-American Review, Notre Dame Review, Poet Lore, Sycamore Review, and Wormwood Review."

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