I am thrilled to release Issue IV. I would like to thank all my contributors for their gifts of song, of poetry, of art and fiction; gifts that take us on a journey from which one can never return--the same. I would like to invite Tryst's past contributors to submit for Issue V, which is the Anniversary, Encore/Debut, Issue due to release June 1, 2003.  The invitation is not a guarantee of acceptance unless your work has already been accepted. The submission guidelines page has been updated. The image to the left is by Tina Coggins, Tryst's Featured Artist in this issue.   

2003 Tina Coggins

-Notes, News and Acknowledgements-

Maria "Carly" Santos writes: The word was a stairwell whisper, a silent slap of lips spied on from green shutters. It looked the same in English or Spanish. These are the opening words to "Yonqui," a short story by Maria "Carly" Santos. Seldom does a story, poem, or a movie send shivers up my spine. But when I first read Carly's submissions, a tingly sensation went through my body. I sat stunned for several hours not reacting, not able to process what I was actually feeling. Perhaps, I was in shock. Weeks later I reread her submissions several times to make sure I wasn't overreacting. After the initial shock had worn off, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was elated as if I had just been sent a gift of portent value.  Here were stories that were gutsy, honest and electrifying; dynamic words by a writer who'd never been published before, but who wrote like a pro.  Carly was every editor's, publisher's dream of what a writer should write like as far as I was concerned. I wrote Carly and told her that I would publish all five of her short stories, unedited, fresh out of their brown wrapping.  It gives me great pleasure to present Tryst's Feature Writer, Maria Santos. 

Pedro Trevino-Ramirez: What can I say about a young writer who shows up out of nowhere and lays his gifts at my door? Humble offerings from a very polite, respectful writer with whom I found it easy to form a friendship. I can only say that my best wishes for his success and well-being will take him far in life. Very far.

Tina Coggins: Tryst's Feature Artist after several queries later. I want to believe that I am never too busy to review someone's work with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, but that's not always the case. Life takes over in strange ways and months fly past me before I realize that I haven't gone outside, eaten a full meal, slept, done the laundry...the list is endless.  Fortunately, Tina persisted and once I viewed her website and all that she had to offer in terms of imagination, creative energy and a critical eye, we settled on a joint artistic venture using her artwork to illuminate Tryst's pages. For that, I must thank her profusely. 

Helyn Davenport: Pixiport's premiere photo/artist makes her second appearance in Tryst. Continuing from Issue III, Helyn offers a different perspective with her artwork and candid answers in her interview. Helyn is one of those people whom I admire greatly for her tenacity, her honesty and forthrightness. Weeks will go by where both of us are too busy to correspond, keep in touch; but, I feel her presence at Tryst where she is always welcome any time.  

Toni La Ree Bennett: Is Tryst's feature photographer and cover artist for this issue. Unbeknownst to Toni, I had been familiar with her poetry for some time and knew that she was the editor of Branches Quarterly. I ran across her photographic work, (an impression of an Ankh sculpted in snow) on the Winter 2001 cover issue of Atomic Petals and made a mental note to contact her. A year later, almost to the date, Toni submitted work to Tryst. If there is a universal being/power out there that guides us all, I believe Tryst was meant to feature Toni for the simple fact that her work is stellar material. Quality is, by no means, an accident; whereas, fate has been kind to Tryst. 

Anfisa Osinnik: A friend of Anfisa, Miguel Andrade Huerta wrote out of the blue: "Mia, can you read Spanish?" No, not really. Not the way it should be read, but what a curious email. Sometimes, this is just the way things happen. One thing led to another and I found out that Anfisa was born in Russia, residing in Veracruz, Mexico writing, translating her work into Spanish. Anfisa will be in Austin for the International Poetry Festival held April, 2003. I wish Anfisa well as we welcome her into our country and her first publication in Tryst.

-Special Tribute-

Donald Rawley: poet, novelist and successful screenwriter died May, 1998. His short stories, poems and articles have appeared in numerous prestigious magazines, including Yellow Silk Journal of Erotic Arts. He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the Faulkner Award. In 1996, he won a Pushcart Prize for fiction. This tribute is a dedication to Donald, his family and friends.  

Because many people were instrumental in helping me put together Donald's tribute (some whose names are not mentioned in this issue), my heartfelt thanks are in order: 

Harry Burrus, author of several books of poetry was a personal friend of Donald.  He co-edited the book, American Poetry Confronts the 1990's with Peter Gravis of Black Tie Press. Harry helped design all of Donald's books that were published by Black Tie Press.  The poem, Steaming from the book by the same title was dedicated to Harry. 

Peter Gravis, publisher of Black Tie Press, for granting Tryst permission to publish Donald's work from his four books of poetry collections and for being incredibly patient with me.

Lily Pond, editor of Yellow Silk Journal of Erotic Arts, who gave me a few leads and was kind enough to link Tryst on her site.

Aaron LaFlora, owner of Literary Visionaries for volunteering her valuable time and research assistance, my heartfelt thanks. Most importantly, I would like to thank Aaron for believing in this tribute, Donald's work and his vision. 

Thank you for reading our journals.  Enjoy.

Mia:Tryst Editor

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