Donald Rawley was an award-winning author, poet, journalist and successful screenwriter. He began studying with writer, and professor of University of California, Los Angeles, Kate Braverman. His short stories, poems and articles have appeared in numerous prestigious magazines, including Yellow Silk Journal of Erotic Arts.  He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the Faulkner Award.  In 1996, he won a Pushcart Prize for fiction.  Donald Rawley died May, 1998. 

The poems in this issue are from his books of poetry: Mecca (1991), Malibu Stories (1991), Steaming (1993) and Duende (1994) published by Black Tie Press; Publisher, Peter Gravis.

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American Beauty
White Water
Blind Stitch
Chateau Marmont
Los Angeles Three AM
Mulholland Drive
Helen in Waiting
Jonathan's End

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