Tryst Feature Poet John Sweet

a footnote to the season of rust

a darker light
here at
the end of the day

all blue bled to grey
and the sudden failure of solid objects
to cast shadows

the flags hung
like condemned men

and our lives can no longer carry
the weight of secrets
and confessions begin to spill
from my clenched fists

begin to fall like ashes from
your perfect mouth

we have spent seven years
mourning the burning girl
without ever knowing her name

have both approached
the bones of christ from opposite ends
of the same empty field

and when you ask me if i regret
all of the friends i've lost
and i answer no
you think i might be
telling the truth

you understand too late that
i won't be
the man who saves you

and when you ask if
i'm sorry for any of this
i can only smile


2002 John Sweet

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