Tryst Feature Poet John Sweet

a cold spring afternoon in the world of darker truths

a flag and
the shadow of a flag
and everything in between

the smell of burning and the
sound of dirt falling on coffins
and all of my selfish reasons
for wanting to live

all of these houses wrapped tight
like shrouds around
all of these breathing ghosts

and if i find you in
the room of empty chairs
and you turn to me and smile
i will call it faith

if you give me the burning girl's name
i will hold it like the beating
heart of christ

this is love

this is the sound the springtime sky
would make if it could sing

and if you can't forget the war
then at least forget the fact
that children are dying

forget the fact that they
are taken from their homes by
men they've known their
entire lives and found
four days later in shallow
graves at the desert's edge

i've been told it can
be done

i've been told
that brutality is inevitable

this much
i think i believe

2002 John Sweet

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