Tryst Feature Poet John Sweet

the collapse of the human cathedral: a premonition

the meaningless noise of
unfinished thoughts all afternoon
and the shadows of clouds moving
slowly over the hills

wind down this street i live on
and the fact that what we think about
is leaving

what we talk about is nothing

not silence but the
small unimportant sounds we make to fill it

the simple agreement that
war is bad and
the unavoidable fact that it still

and if not war then
the subtle collapse of things

the walls of this house cracked
the ceiling sagging and the way that
none of the rooms are ever warm

the pebbled window on the staircase
which lets in light without shape

everything familiar but i never feel at ease

the air is too bright here
the ghost of de chirico too heavy

and the statues on these lawns
should bleed or at least weep

i should have more faith
in the future but don't

the lack of possibilities is
a terrifying thing

2002 John Sweet

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number 29, 1950, second attempt

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