Secret Forest

A mood piece, and an attempt to create an intimate space from a corner of a busy park.


A study in textures and shadow.

Towards The Future

A portrait of my son captured in a glass shard from a now demolished barn. Taken from a proof to retain the rough quality.

Architecture 101

Fractal honoring a basic design principle: structure.

After Mahler

My goal with this piece was to create something mysterious, dark and dramatic as viewed sort of secretly, from behind some 'brush.' What we see is the lightning dipping its 'feet' into the lake and leaving steam amidst a churning sky and waters growing mildly tempestuous.

Night Jungle

A fractal portraying a surreal bit of alien jungle at 'night,' with a focus on color contrasts and shape.


This fractal makes a bold statement about line, form, and subtle cast light. 

Midnight Lily

This fractal was originally created to be displayed on a white background, which you can see here. It was an exercise in positive and negative space. Here, it is a study in contrast.

Precious Cargo

Dramatic fractal best viewed in a darkened room or the detail is lost. I was shooting for 'subtle' and 'mysterious,' here.

Native Torches

Wisps of 'hot smoke' and bold color contrasts define this work of fractal art. I like to mix the real with surreal, and I see this as an example of that in the organic plant-like shapes combined with a sort of radiant heat effect.

Birth of a Star

Dramatic fractal rendering.


This image is all about creating three-dimensional space using color only. Note how the blue recedes and the greens, yellows and oranges come forward, creating an image appearing to have something beyond two dimensions.

Post Modern Non-Objectivity

To me this fractal says, "jazz." Dunno why. I liked the abstract shapes and coloring, and worked on it to bring that out.

Space Marbles

A playful piece that is all about color.


I wanted an Amazon sort of feel with this one, and tried to bring out the magical nature of the 'leaves.'


Digital manipulation of a photograph of myself.

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