Poetry By Rae Pater


Jessica Had a Baby

Jessica is an orange blossom girl
and she has dropped a petal.

Small and soft,
white, and slightly curled,
as petals are wont to be.

Her fingers close
a soft cockle shell
around hearts.

She is as fresh and delicate
as a pink dawn,
rising new to the day.


Rae Pater 2002

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Bio: Rae Pater is a New Zealand poet, and has been writing poetry seriously for about a year now. She was born in New Zealand, and has lived there all her life. She has three children and a dog called Bob. She writes: "I have always been an avid reader especially in the fantasy/fairytale genre and I find this influences my poetry a lot. Writing poetry, to me, is like tapping directly into my subconscious and writing the contents down. Reading someone else's poetry, I think, is as close as you can get to being inside someone else's head." Rae has been published in a two print anthologies, and The Press. (her local newspaper). Her online credits include WORDSPACE, MiPo, and New Zealand Poets Online.