Poetry By Rae Pater



A baby's hair grows erratically
in variegated clumps.
From bald to long
like an untrimmed hedge,
it oscillates
from corkscrew curls
to woodstock fluff,
and central tuft.
Or monks bald pate
with feather fringe,
it suffers from the wear
and tear
of lolly fingers,
weetbix tangle,
fluffy cat, and puppy strangle.
Insult lends indignant note
to well intended antidotes.


Rae Pater 2002

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Bio: Rae Pater is a New Zealand poet, and has been writing poetry seriously for about a year now. She was born in New Zealand, and has lived there all her life. She has three children and a dog called Bob. She writes: "I have always been an avid reader especially in the fantasy/fairytale genre and I find this influences my poetry a lot. Writing poetry, to me, is like tapping directly into my subconscious and writing the contents down. Reading someone else's poetry, I think, is as close as you can get to being inside someone else's head." Rae has been published in a two print anthologies, and The Press. (her local newspaper). Her online credits include WORDSPACE, MiPo, and New Zealand Poets Online.