Poetry By Didi Menendez


Sleepless in Poetry

Must one of the reasons you love me
be that I write poetry?

What happens when I am old
and the only poems I offer you are left in my dreams?
How will you know at daybreak
that I wrote you yet another one?

I worry about these things.

Perhaps I should become sleepless in poetry.
Awaken you with a gentle nudge.
You will know that I wrote you a masterpiece.
A masterpiece that only a man that has grown old
with his love beside him would know.

When I die,
place your favorite on my headstone.
What is written in stone,
you know the rest.


Didi Menendez 2002
(For Jim Christ, the love of my life)

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Bio: Didi Menendez is the publisher and editor-in-chief of MiPo Zines.