Poetry By Didi Menendez


Los Espiritus

Mi madre says that when I dress in black,
I bring on Los Espiritus.

Mi hermano rides his caballo asabache.
Geishas from two centuries past visit,
dressed in sad kimonos,
adorned in lilies of the valley,
pass delicate hands through the sweat of the beast,
reminds them of the taste of their own tears.

Their black savage hair wraps around the reins.
El pobre caballo reaches into the Virginia sky,
screeches for mercy.

Black blankets fall upon mi hermano,
his consciousness is "lost in watercolors" and
"orange blossom" dreams.

When he awakens,
only plumas overflow are left,
a gift from Los Espiritus.


Didi Menendez 2002
(Dedicated to Dave Ruslander, the writer of Orange Blossoms and Lost in Watercolors)

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Bio: Didi Menendez is the publisher and editor-in-chief of MiPo Zines.