Looks 40 but has the internal organs of a 90 year-old. His "plethora of published poetry pervades the planet". Alliteration
is not a strength. His wife says he writes "too much." Search for the sites on the web yourself you lazy bastards- it's not difficult. When not writing about himself immodestly in the third person, he teaches children to sing, dance and act. He is one of the few Australian poets not currently studying some wanky Creative Writing degree.


old ma formby

managed quite well alone
for seventy years or more on a dirt road between clarendon and cherry gardens

a tiny curl of blue smoke
went up of a morning just to let you know she was still going, like.

only met her once
pinching a willow branch i wanted to strike

help yourself she said
there use to be a spring’ere but the willow musta dried it up

people shouldn’t oughta
mess around with Nature itll come back n bite em one day

we saved her cottage
from a bushfire once the last time I went past the willow was gone

so was the cottage

she lived alone

left alone

didn’t leave a trace

Copyright © 2004 Rob Walker