Arlene Ang lives in Venice, Italy as a translator and web designer. She is also the Italian editor of Niederngasse.  Her poetry has recently appeared or is upcoming in Sidereality, Scrivener's Pen, Poet's Canvas, Peshekee River Poetry and Sometimes City. Recent awards include: 2002 Eros & Thanatos Prize Winner (Absinthe Literary Review) and Clean Sheets 2003 Poetry Contest 2nd Place Winner.

Toni La Ree Bennett has led a random life, spending most of it in most of the Western United States. She attended the University of Washington (Seattle) where she received her Ph.D. in English and a B.A. in Italian. Her verbal work has appeared in Puerto del Sol, Hawaii Pacific Review, Journal of Poetry Therapy and Viet Nam Generation among other publications. She has several poems included in the anthology The Muse Strikes Back published by Story Line Press. Her photography has appeared in Pierian Springs, Atomic Petals, American Muse, and now Tryst. In addition to trying to shoot, enhance, and organize thousands of digital photos, currently she is pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems and Web Development and works as a financial, information manager at a major university. She founded Uccelli Press in 2001 and is editor of the online quarterly, Branches. Email:

Christopher Chen was a member of the Nevada Shakespeare Festival, and is currently artistic director of Black Curtains, a theatre group he helped found in his native Reno, Nevada. When he's not neglecting his dramatic duties or his studies, he procrastinates over numerous plays, short stories, novels, and poems, leaving most of them unfinished. His latest collection of poetry (if he ever finishes it) will be entitled Elation.

Tina Coggins is an artist and graphic/web designer living on the central coast of California.  More of her work can be viewed at T.C. Designs.

Julie Damerell teaches at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. She is also the web editor for miller's pond. Her work has been published on the web and in print since 1997, and her chapbook, Needing Blue, has been available since November, 2001. She started writing poetry so she could remember. Links to much of her work are available on her website:

Alison Daniel Writes: For the bio I'd like to mention my penchant for Aphrodite type sensibilities and an enjoyment of Greek myth. I'm allergic to careless men but OK with the carefree variety--my work has been published in Stirring, Eleven Bulls, August Cutter, Clean Sheets, Sometimes City and most recently in ibodi.

Helyn Davenport: A Psychology and Business major from St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida, Helyn's work has evolved from her journey through self-discovery and her gift of visual expression to one of today's most widely-acclaimed photographic artists. With a diversified background that has included Television Production, Marketing and Counseling, Helyn's work has been featured in numerous publications and galleries. Her career has been very rewarding and has enabled her to make numerous contacts around the world.  

Jack Donahue has had Short Stories & Poems published throughout the United States and Europe in magazines and literary journals, including: FOLIO: A Literary Journal of American University; California Quarterly; Black Spring Review; Curbside Review; Epic Journal and Chronicle; Hidden Oak Poetry Journal; Art & Literary Digest; Poetry Motel; The Pegasus Review; Poetry Eastwest; Midwestern University Quarterly; Matchbook; Environ-mental & Architectural Phenomenology Newsletter; Fullosia Press; Prize Poems Book 2002, Pennsylvania Poetry Society; Dream International Quarterly; ; Newsday; Chicago Tribune; Rexdale Publishing; Confrontation; Tulsa Poetry Quarterly; Maelstrom; The PEN; Poetalk; Mediterranean Review; Pegasus; Blind Man’s Rainbow; Iodine; On the Run from the American Dream; Grasslimb, etc.

Richard Fein writes: I have been published in numerous print and web journals. Some of these are: Southern Humanities Review, Birmingham Poetry Review, Touchstone, Windsor Review, Mississippi Review, Blue Unicorn, and many, many others. I also have an interest in digital photography. I have two personal web sites on which I've posted samples of my work: Poems, Photography.

Jnana Hodson hopes someday to replace all the windows in his old house. He's tired of helping his wife stretch plastic over each window every winter and then each summer propping open those that, in fact, still open. His poems have recently appeared online at Wind in the Timothy Press, Sometimes City, and Shampoo.

Sally K Lehman is a native Oregonian who made her way down to Berkeley, CA, to study Math of all things. Sally has been writing since childhood, been published twice in Tapestry, and is finally wanting to share her work with someone other than her husband and three daughters (who don't always get her work - especially when it doesn't rhyme).

Rebecca Lu Kiernan writes: My fiction and poetry have appeared in ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE, MS. MAGAZINE, NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW, SPACE AND TIME, GARGOYLE, and other magazines and books in the United States and Australia. My collection of poetry, SEX WITH TREES AND OTHER THINGS EQUALLY RESPONSIVE was published by 2 River Press and Canada's YGDRASIL will soon dedicate an issue to the presentation of my new collection, THE MAN WHO REMEMBERED TOO MUCH. I edit the print literary, GECKO. Thanks ever so much for reading this new material.

Melanie McConnell writes: I live in a small beachside town in central Florida. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Florida International University. Naturally, I turned to writing poetry! I share my life with my antique cat, Misha. We study each other's idiosyncrasies. Tryst is my first publication.

Jim McCurry currently resides in Galesburg, Illinois. He received his M.A. in creative writing from Colorado State Univ. Recent publications include Alba, Big City Lit., Cyber Oasis, Drought, Eleven Bulls, Fish Drum, Identity Theory, Tryst, Niederngasse, Poets Against the War, Snow Monkey Press, Zacatecas Review and Zuzu's Petals Quarterly. Earlier credits include Quarterly West and Writer's Forum (Gerard Manley Hopkins Prize, 1999). He's taught at Carl Sandburg College in philosophy and poetry since 1980, and has a PhD from the University of Denver. Also, Kathryn Rantala, editor of Ravenna Press (which publishes Snow Monkey Press & Alba), is using two of Jim's poems in her pending ebook, "Gustatory in Nature.".

J. Scott Malby is a columnist for 4 ezines and a frequent contributor to internet publications all over the world. While the internet is not as important as the discovery of fire, he feels it is a most remarkable development; comparable only to the development of the printing press and transcending that. He lives in Coos Bay, Oregon, along the northern shore of the Pacific Coast in the United States. His themes are universal ones detailing the relationship of individuals with themselves, others and their environment. As he states, "What is important to me is what I discover about myself and the world around me through the act of writing. I am the first to admit that I find the world a rather insane place and that I am having trouble figuring it out. Sometimes I get the words right. Like a Navajo rug, all my poems have flaws. The reason is that I am flawed. It comes with the territory."

Rochelle Mass is the author of three collections of poetry: Aftertaste (Ride the Wind Press), Where's My Home? (Premier Poets Series);
and, her third collection, The Startled Land - available February, 2003, published by Wind River Press.  Her poetry and prose have appeared in numerous publications, including London Magazine, Women's Studies Quarterly, The Jerusalem Review, The Tel Aviv Review, ARC, Canadian Literature, Midstream, Taproot Literary Review, Kimera, Ariga, Gaspareau Review, Ygradsil, and others. In 2002, she was nominated by The Paumanok Review for the Pushcart Prize. In 1994, one of her radio plays was short-listed for production by the BBC.

Anfisa Osinnik was born in Siberia (1957). She studied at the Institute of Literature Maxim Gorky in Moscow. She lives in the rainy forest of the Coffer of Perote (Veracruz, Mexico). She has participated in the X Encounter, The International Women Poets in the Country of Clouds 2002. Her Dialectos book about Fire will be published in 2003 co-edited by the Veracruzano Institute of Culture, Editions and Mantis in a bilingual edition.

Jennifer Poteet lives in urban/suburban New Jersey with her husband and 3 male cats. She and her husband are in the midst of starting an antique business. Her work has been published in many on-line journals including: Pierian Springs, Stirring,, The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks, Conspire, The Absinthe Literary Review, The Melic Review, The Adirondack Review, Samsara Quarterly, The Red River Review, Comrades, Thunder Sandwich, The Poet's Canvas, 2RiverView, Poems Niederngasse, Atomic Petals, Wilmington Blues, Interweave Zine, The 3rd Muse Poetry Journal and many more. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee. More of Jennifer's work is at her website

Donald Rawley was an award-winning author, poet, journalist and successful screenwriter. He began studying with writer, and professor of University of California, Los Angeles, Kate Braverman. His short stories, poems and articles have appeared in numerous prestigious magazines, including Yellow Silk Journal of Erotic Arts. He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the Faulkner Award. In 1996, he won a Pushcart Prize for fiction. Donald Rawley died May, 1998.

Maria Santos writes: She has had no formal education to speak of, wipes her palms on her jeans after eating fried chicken, does her writing on a 4-year-old Compaq Presario, and loves shrimp quesadillas. She spends her time writing, avoiding hurricanes, and attempting to improve her vocabulary. She's never been published before and has suffered a sublime ego-boost at the expense of

Yoav J. Tenembaum was born in Argentina. He has lived in Argentina, Israel, the United States, and Britain. He has pursued his academic studies at Tel Aviv University (BA in History), Cambridge University (Masters in International Relations) and Oxford University( Doctorate in Modern History). He served in the past as director of a historical exhibition on Columbus and the Jewish contribution to the voyages of discovery (Spain and Israel). He's the author of The Planet of Mendaoor, a book for children, published by Minerva Press, London. He is also a journalist and political analyst.

Pedro Trevino-Ramirez writes: I am 18 and currently living in Upper Michigan. Writing poetry and prose is the one ambition in my life...even if my name is never known, I'll die happy with a big leather notebook filled with my life outlined in poetic verse. I've most recently been published in Thunder Sandwich and Carved in Sand.

Jerry Vilhotti writes: I was born a hyphenated American where Poe once walked. We live now in a simpler place in time among the Litchfield Hills. I had stories published in literary magazines in many places and live with a beautiful wife who waits for me to return from my imaginary meandering and I swear to God we both helped in bringing into this tumultuous world three children, a boy and two girls of whom we are very proud.

Kelley White writes: I was born and raised in New Hampshire, have degrees from Dartmouth College and Harvard Medical School, and have been a pediatrician in inner-city Philadelphia for the past twenty years working with families challenged by poverty, substance abuse, and domestic violence. I write to survive. I started sending work out three years ago with very modest goals (I hoped to have a half dozen poems published by my fiftieth birthday in 2004) but have had somewhat surprising success, with nearly 1200 poems accepted or published by 250 journals including American Writing, The Café Review, Chiron Review, Feminist Studies, Journal of the AMA, (American Medical Association), Journal of Medical Humanities, The Larcom Review, Minnesota Review, Nimrod, Poet Lore, Rattle, and Whiskey Island Magazine. 


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