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Itzhak Ben-Arieh works mainly with the method of photomontage. His photographs are composed of a number of negatives, which were taken at various locations and times, and were assembled by him into final prints in the darkroom.  Born in Geneva, Switzerland, 1926 - in Israel since 1948 Photographer for 28 years at the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa. In the artist's pictures there frequently appear female nude motives, which seem to connect themselves with imaginary scenery. The result is the creation of a differently reality which emerges from the unconscious and is related with the world of myths and archetypes. On the other hand, in his portrait pictures, as well as in the nude, the artist aims to express the personality of the models, as well as his own inner truth.  More of his fantastic work can be viewed at

Kristy Bowen's work has appeared most recently in Poetry Midwest, Verse Libre, Starry Night Review, and Artemis Journal.  I live and write in Chicago, where I edit the online literary journal Wicked Alice.

Greg Braquet describes himself as a young poet in an old container.  He lives in New Orleans close to the wide water running wild with terrigenous essence. He is married and father of three four, if you count my hyperactive muse.  He has been published in many publications, journals, and reviews such as: The New Laurel Review, THEMA, The Tap Root Review, Desire Street, Sour Grapes, Pedestal Magazine, Pierian Springs. 

Joseph Carcel, an attorney, is poetry editor of MiPo ezine. His work has most recently appeared in Dallhousisie Review. He is currently writing a libretto on the life of the boxer Sonny Liston, and  preparing a  poetry chapbook, A Theory in the Bone for publication. Major influences in his work are Phillip Levine, Kunitz, Stevens, Szmborska, Gjika and  Kenny.  When not practicing law  or writing poetry, he enjoys rock climbing and reading remaindered college texts. "You'd be surprised at what you can learn for a buck."

Alison Daniel writes: "I am a reluctant nurse living and working in Australia. I live with Steve, an ex-stripper who believes the body has power over words but that shouldn't stop people from writing. My work has been published in Stirring, The Absinthe Literary Review, Atomic Petals, Recursive Angels, Conspire, BeeHive and many other fine journals."

John Eivaz was born in New York and lives in California. He has had work published in print in Abbey, In the Grove, Mind In Motion, Penumbra and Slow Trains. On-line his poetry and prose has appeared at Panic Attack, MindFire, Poetry Tonight, Slow Trains, The Full Deck, Clean Sheets, Mind Caviar, Ophelia's Muse, Unlikely Stories, Erosha, the MiPo Gallery, Hoot Island, Widegrrl and other websites. His work is signed "john e" at some of these sites, and also at the website of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, where he is the editor of poetry and flash fiction. He shares a poetry website with PJ Nights and also works at a winery.

Robert Klein Engler was born in Chicago. He holds degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana and The University of Chicago Divinity School.  He worked many years as a department chairman and as a faculty union leader at the City Colleges of Chicago until he was ethnically cleansed and banned by the Chancellor in May, 1997. He now teaches at Roosevelt University.  His poems and stories have appeared in Borderlands, Hyphen, Christopher Street, The James White Review, American Letters and Commentary, Kansas Quarterly, and many other magazines and journals. He was the recipient of Illinois Arts Council Literary Awards for his poem "Flower Festival at Genzano," which appeared in Whetstone and "Three Poems for Kabbalah," which appeared in Fish Stories, II.

Brenda Gentry writes: "I live on a farm in Missouri, I have a true love for animals and seem to have a sign that says "Drop your unwanted pets here." I write under the name of Bren, have no poems published so far but I keep hoping and sending my submissions to various magazine E-zines. I am currently a Team Leader for Hallmark working part-time in Wal-Mart stores.  I have met some wonderful poets online, one of those being TE Ballard whose poetry is in your June issue, she is remarkable and I have enjoyed reading and sharing work with her and others on the Wild Poetry Forum.

Paul Gillard, English, born 1959. Paul went to the Canterbury College of Art and also to the London College of Printing where he studied Graphic Design. An abstract and occasional Landscape painter, he works in oils and also watercolours. He is currently producing digital art on DVD.

Ani Gjika was born in Tirane, Albania. That is the only unchangeable fact while everything else keeps changing with time, starting with language which she loves. Gjika's poetry has been published at 3rd Muse Poetry Journal, Stirring, MiPo, Melic Review, NakedPoetry, and others. She is currently completing an MA in English and resides in Massachusetts.

Daniel Hoda-Shook is a musician and writer in Texas.  He recommends to any practitioner the adoption of a extreme physical ritual, and some aspects of asceticism. "Poets confront the task of finding in the arrangement of word some parallel to the idea of visual icon (flags, the cross, fish, Pynchon's double horn). Each art has criteria, though the better become part of the very definition of their endeavor, and for examples I would cite the Byronic Hero, Munch's "The Scream", Sonatas of Scarlatti, and the execution and dialect of Patty Loveless."

PJ Nights lives in coastal Maine with her family and various pound pets. She teaches physics and astronomy. Her poetry and stories have been published on the web at Erotica Readers and Writers Association, Slow Trains, Clean Sheets, Erosha, Adult Story Corner, Mind Caviar, Amoret, the Emerald Collection, Ophelia's Muse, Hoot Island, the Writer's Hood and MiPoesias and in print in Penumbra and the 2002 Slow Trains Anthology.

Elisha Porat is an Hebrew-Israeli poet and writer. Many of his works were translated into the English, by several translators, and were published in many literary magazines, print and online. Among them: Tikkun, Rattle, Poetrymagazine, Pif magazine, Snake Nation Review, Ariga, Midstream, Boston Review and many more.  His English book, a collection of short stories, from the modern life in Israel, "The Messiah Of LaGuardia", translated from the Hebrew by Alan Sacks, was published in Mosaic Press, 1997, and its available at the fine bookstores.

Donald Ryburn is co-editor (with Juan Beauregaard-Montez) of 4*9*1 Neo-Nave Imagination (  He is a SurSymbolist/Neo-Nave visionary poet, artist, and photographer whose work has appeared in over 400 print journals, anthologies, and e-zines, including:  Pittsburgh Quarterly, India World Journal (India), Poems Niederngasse (Netherlands), Black Moon, Autumn Leaves, Albatross, Cyberwit: Anthology of Poetry of India (India), Electric Acorn (Dublin Writer's Group, Ireland), Lynx/Bath University (England), Poetry Down Under (Australia), Forbidden Panda,  Some Words, Poetry Motel, Pacific Coast Journal, Poetry Potpourri, Onionhead, Bitter Oleander, Mirror, Art/Mag, Poetry Super Highway, Unlikely Stories, A Room Without Walls, Wired Art, Indie Journal, Archflambeoth, Poetry Depth Quarterly, Entropic, Inkblots, Grassroots Poetry, and 4*9*1 Neo-Nave Imagination.  

Daniel Sumrall, born September 3, 1976,  is currently completing a MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Notre Dame. An active contributor to e-journals, his poems are at or forthcoming from 42Opus, Pierian Springs, 3 AM Magazine, Lightning Bell, Euphony, Small Spiral Notebook, and Locust Magazine. His essays can be found in Rain Taxi Review of Books and the Hyde Park Review of Books.

john sweet, 33, lives in upstate new york with his wife and son, and a second child due in december.  3 cats can also be seen roaming the house, if the atmospheric conditions are right.  he has been writing for 20 years, and publishing in the small press for 14.  his most recent chapbooks are approaching lost (2002, Via Dolorosa Press) and mapping the rooms of murdered children (2002, Black Hoody Nation).  he is violently opposed to all "schools" of writing, and to anyone who insists on attempting to "define" poetry.  he's also not crazy about people who put words in quotation marks.

Richard C. Williams currently resides in New York City.  He is a web designer and editor of Pierian Springs.  His latest publications include: Niederngasse, Artemis (forthcoming), Comrades, Red River Review, Snow Monkey (forthcoming), Pig Iron Malt (forthcoming), 3rd Muse, Erosha, Mentress Moon and others.

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