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Artist Dejan Devic

-Dejan Devic was born on 10.08. 1963. in Nis, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia) in an artistic family. Father Vojislav Devic is Art Critic and painter, mother Vera Devic is ceramic sculptor and retired Art Teacher, brother Aleksandar Devic is painter and sculptor.

-1980. Finished secondary Art school in Nis
-1985. Graduated at the University of Art in Pristina
-1997. Became a member of "ULUS" - Serbian Artists Society

In year 1997 Devic changed his abstract style of painting to figurative. His style was named "Poetic Fantasy" by the famous serbian art critic, Djordje Kadijevic.

Own Exibitions:

-1987. Club of Faculty of Philosophy in Nis, Serbia
-1994. Art Gallery "Zograf" in Nis, Serbia
-1997. Cultural Center in Belgrade
-1998. Art Salon "Ram Art"

Collective Exibitions:

-1986. Salon "Boro & Ramiz" Pristina
-1998. Salon "77" in Nis
-1996. Traditional exibition of "Sicevo Art Colony '96"
-1997. Exibition of newly admited members of "ULUS"


Copyright © 2010 Dejan Devic

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