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Gary Pierluigi was a Creative Writing Teacher and an ex freelance journalist. In 1996 Gary became a quadriplegic. He currently has a novel being considered for publication. His Canadian poetry credits include Quills, The Green Muse Review, The Praire Journal, CV2, and Queens Quarterly. He also has poems forthcoming in Breath and Shadow.


Montreal In Spring

Her heart was large.
I trusted its enduring pattern.
Her dry wrists of pulse.
Mexico of the imagination.

On The Road with Jack
and his crazy friends, with Sarah’s
God perched on my shoulder
in a time out of place, motionless
yet going up and under, forever shrinking
to empty out the maddening fullness.

CN Blanket

On this train to Montreal
Cathy and I would ask for
pillows and pull a CN blanket
over us for the four and a half
hours it took us to get there,
locked in passionate embrace.

It was on one of these milk
runs that she unexpectedly
blurted out that she loved me,
my chest expanding, exploding
with pride, responsibility and an
ugly, inarticulate, inexplicable,

maddening fear.


Copyright © 2007 Gary Pierluigi