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Gregory O'Neill lives in Washington State. His poetry has most recently appeared in: Lily Literary Review, Triplopia Literary Journal, The Dande Review, The Adroitly Placed Word audio poetry project and
The Furnace Review. Upcoming in: The Relief Journal Quarterly, Penwood Literary Review, and Wolf Moon Journal Press.

The Kinesis Of Harmonic Oscillations Of A Material Point

Leaning over, even putting your ear
closer to this page will not allow you
to hear how my heart beats faster
when I say her name.
For me, it's like a bell ringing: a clear
tone that finds its echo and blows me
a kiss. For you, it might be
1:37 AM, something warm to help you sleep
and your own memory of when love
took a bite of your midnight snack.

Maybe we'd both forget to feed
the dog. Or goldfish. Or ourselves.
And you know what we'd live on. No,
I'm not going to say it, but yes indeed,
we would live on it. We'd be up and gone
with no breakfast, because that's how it is.

Still, there you are. In your favorite chair,
feet curled up, ear pressed to the page,
dreaming right along with me. Imagining
you can hear the quicker thump-thump-thump,
as I say it over and over, again and again. Until
I'm tolling the neighbors, the countryside
and even the town into a blissful din.

Copyright © 2007 Gregory O'Neill