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Patrons of Art

Issue XVII marks the Fifth Anniversary of Tryst. It's been a long journey filled with a singular vision, passion and love of poetry. We have made many wonderful discoveries along the way. We thank our readers, our contributors, our friends - all of whom are the true patrons of art.

Please welcome our two new editors, Dorothy Doyle Mienko and Diane Wiley. By way of an intro, I asked my editors to write up a memoir on the theme of "Where Were You in 1969 (or thereabouts)?" All the pages, News, Guidelines, Links have been updated. Once again we invite you to sit back and enjoy the journey. Thank you for reading our journals. ~Tryst Editors

Grateful Acknowledgements to the Following:

Sarabande Books: For allowing us to feature Eleanor Lerman's poetry and for publishing her book, Our Post-Soviet History Unfolds, without which we wouldn't have had the pleasure of Eleanor's poetry so readily available.

Michael Lustbader: Special thanks to Michael for being my guardian angel. Not only was Michael instrumental in getting permission to feature Kitaro's music, but he worked with me every step of the way putting together his beautiful photography for this issue.

Kitaro & Domo Music Group: We are deeply indebted to Kitaro for his soul searing music and to Domo Music Group for allowing us to feature Kitaro.

Joan McCormick: For pushing me, sometimes kicking me in the "arse" to get this issue going. At one point, after almost a year hiatus, Joan wrote me and said, "Are you alive? I'm terrified to look in our inbox, all those submissions!" I replied, "Yup. Let's do it."

Dorothy Doyle Mienko: For coming to my rescue, literally. A quiet and unassuming friend for years, Dorothy must have sensed my distress. I was feeling overwhelmed and about to panic when she volunteered to assist with the poetry selection and editing.

Diane Wiley: To "Wiley" for her tireless dedication and support. Diane also found and put together Eleanor Lerman's, Ruth Daigon's and Kate Hall's features. She might just have found another talent, among many, under her new-found editorial hat.

Technical Notes:

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