rob walker is a teacher of music and drama who lives on a small farm in the hills near Adelaide, South Australia. Many of his poems have appeared online @ Friendly Street, Stylus and Thylazine (AUS), NZPoetsOnline, evasion and Southern Ocean Review (NZ), Limestone Magazine and Snakeskin (UK), Sidereality, Tryst, Plum Ruby Review, nasty, Indie Journal, and The Oracular Tree (US) as well as some in traditional print form in Blue Dog and Another Universe (AUS), Comrades Print and UNO anthology (UK.) His first collection, sparrow in an airport will be published in March as part of Adelaide’s Friendly Street New Poets series.Web

Hotel Room

every night the world from a different point of view
the plumbing diverse
smiles identical

Respect is purchased
in a community of strangers
How Are You Today Sir?

we take meagre possessions
from suit cases
without suits

spread them around
out of territoriality
like dogs pissing boundaries

for just one night
the space is Ours

a tiny piece planted
in london/rome/paris

see the photo? this was Our room
(thousands have slept there since)
i forget the number…

mini soap
   mini shampoo
     mini bar.