Stephen Mead is a published artist/writer living in northeastern NY. Related Urls for his artwork seen in are Absolute Arts, and Stephen also has several title pieces of e books online. These pieces incorporate both image and text as does his e book, "We Are More Than Our Wounds", published June ’04.

August 19th '88

Music, a kind of epoxy
Keeping bones in place,
The same with words, every
Night, either a cassette or poem
To be made so I can remember
What sleep is for, how to go
Down towards it, no little death,
But, presently, just some toy boat,
A different sense of awareness,
Rowing, rowing, the oars sticking
But re-lifted, breath after flushing
Sheep heated breath, now a lamb
Lying, oar-less, poppy scented, marrow
Fluid in the deep
Furry world that it loves