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take what you can get anytime, any-
thing you
and I bet
you'll stay hungry, still remain famished.

it out
hear the voice
sing the praises
rejoice in the absence
of concupiscent faces
singing harmonic
and random

ever see the chorus for all
the soloists? the symptoms of illness
for the disease?

capture a moment, then
turn it on its head? When what's hidden is found
in plain simple language -

a sound and its echo
off wavering in the distance
still reverberates.

your template's all right
but it makes a shallow impression despite the thick

fetch and carry
my sticks off to the woodland grove
and lie in your leavings

burnt, little saviors
you imps take persuading
so little burglar - listen - be charmed.

sonatas, not symphonies
are the way I'll overpower
your talismans.

tapestries of elegance
in which are woven
beatific disguises.

fearful regrets and ever present dangers
come to find their cures, these words

that are tied and bound up,
carted in chains to a burial ground

laughter, not soothing
but harsh and ascetic,
a fine bitter astringent
for our purification

comic, comedic
funny and riotous:
these are not synonyms
but merely instruments

healing is painful
whether you fight
or cooperate

so laugh, brother
smile at me -
at least be distracted

circles are ominous
their roundness can

begin anywhere you like
but it's only a starting point

a direction to take
which soon becomes meaningless

you may lie, even fabricate
your own perfect curves

but see how it hurts
when your truth isn't straight

just a sine or a cosine wave -
it will never return.

take what you will anytime, any-
thing you
and I bet
you're still hungry after the feast.

T. Birch 2002
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Also included in this feature is an essay by Mia inspired by T. Birch's poem "Ten."