T. Birch: Featured Poet


Take any word, and follow after it

Light, for example

i. as it breaks through a lens and excites

across microspaces, electrons
encoded in chemical traces
exposed for releases; a film but
not an analog experience, more

a smear, enhanced by stock footage,
ready to make continuous
that which appears
so illusive to capture

or does it decide through sheer force of will,
created conditions trapped in granular fields, those
corrugated grooves on surfaces,
canyons and crevices

some would say, searching
for the proper analogy
all to describe what is

ii. infinitesimal

the difference
between my hand and yours
pressed against thighs

your thighs or mine, moving or still
(the hands that is), still or moving

in small circular

oh so

iii. precise

by which I mean exact or demanding, not the mechanical
device all encompassing no, never so cold or analytical
- not that precise, something more global, more maddening,


iv. expansive

       waves not particles, oscillating quanta     no here 

     not there          coming on irresistible 

so do not

v. resist


vi. let go, surrender

vii. release my sweet rapture my

viii. lover my lover my release me let go of

ix. me

x. now

by which is always meant the return to the present,
the moment after we lost sight of us,
that moment before the death
now omnipresent, less
one of us

my now

or yours 2)

T. Birch
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