Grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and earned a BS at the University of Pittsburgh. He currently works as a writer, computer consultant, and full-time father in central Ohio. Over the past twenty-five years or so, he has had poems and stories published in various literary magazines, including Skylark, Wisconsin Review, Bitter Oleander, Nebo, Star*Line, The William and Mary Review, Small Pond, Abbey, Beyond Baroque, New York Quarterly, and Confrontation.


broken water

knife-bright, knife-hard
sea scatters sunlight
from wave-crests to air.
this new day falls open.

rocks & sandy shore
seem barren & abandoned,
as though life never were
or long ago had ended.

does it matter that we're here,
that life breath-swells the earth?
still the morning light would fall
& shatter on the water.

Copyright © 2004 Peter Roberts