Is a receptionist at a retirement facility in the Chicago area. She lives with a fat cat, Esquire, and a fish, HookedOnGrass III. Her work has been in a few, fine zines, over the last couple of years, some of her favorites are:
Triplopia, Stirring, MiPo, Erosha, Melic Review, Kimera, Snakeskin, HiNgE, Pig Iron Malt, & Plum Ruby Review.


Angel Boy

when your flesh
left my hands
sadness rose like
a fat ghost
in my belly

remember my bright
like i remember
your lips and pull

You Beat Like The Earth In Me Now

summer wets her eyes
and tumbles on cool fingers
thank you for the sharp prints
where green is deeper
deep as an old
rooty heart
and i can hear the song
of fresh cut grass
and want to eat your
black like a surgeon
suck your flower
like a thumb

Copyright © 2004 Tasha Klein