Is a Chinese American consultant/business
analyst based in Geneva, Switzerland. After giving up trying to find a country to call home, she is now enjoying the freedom that comes with being rootless. Her poetry has appeared in Altramarea 2003 (Rassegna Nazionale di Poesia Contemporanea). Her photography has been published by Branches Quarterly.



Her voice
flickers in blue -
young Picasso blue.
Sometimes dark, some times
deep. Sometimes light, subtle and clear,
clear as the thin clouds flying too close to the moon.

It’s impossible to paint something uniform or simple.
A sleepwalker’s brushstrokes are not logical.
Her feet trample over the palette,
splashing speckles and spots.
Some fall on my time step -
tiny window leapers,
suicidal lovers…
modern art.

Copyright © 2004 Irras Han