Lives in Tasmania, Australia with her husband Steve, the ghost of a shadow from the recent departure of her eldest son Tom (now living with his girlfriend) and her two other gorgeous sons, James and Nick. Her work has been published in Plum Ruby Review, Maverick Magazine, Pierian Springs, Snow Monkey and many fine journals.


Shoulder Blade

" Sartre called it the God-shaped hole... where the divine has always been but had disappeared,

leaving an emptiness behind" and I think about my son's
shoulder blade, how stark it is under his skin,

how decisive the curve hides and seeks the night
breaking away from whatever it is we call time, how peregrine

planets run away from the horoscope. What bothers
me the most is no mystical state prevents fingers

tracing the relics of some saint. And I can drink
till I fantasize while I light another cigarette at three

in the morning just for the taste of remembering
where our bed used to be before dislocation distorted

distance. Some say sacrifice is whiter than glamour,
the chilly glow we came to know after we'd fight,

then try to embrace unbroken words, the ones
we hadn't heard. If only I could pray instead of

wishing my son didn't have to choose if it's the
Mother or the Father he loves the most.

(Quote from 'The Battle For God' by Karen Armstrong)

Copyright © 2004 Alison Eastley