Is a newsletter editor for the DesMoines Area Writers' Network, Senior Contributing Editor to the POETS' PORCH, the ODEUM and POETIC VILLAGE. Jim is co-author (with 5 others) of Five Gates of Poetry. He has been in the Writers' Digest top 100 three times and in Who's Who In America, 2002 and 2003, and in Who's Who In The World, 2003 and in the the Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers. Has appeared in numerous small press magazines to date, including PLAINSONGS, POTPOURRI, the PARIS/ ATLANTIC and online in UNLIKELY STORIES, POETRY REPAIRSHOP, INDIE JOURNAL and DIE NIEDERNGASSE


Pleasing the Ladies
An enraged Chinese merchant brought,
(In Thailand), a case of slander—
Pu Lin had aroused Swee Ho's dander
By stating that the new wife he'd sought
Was decorative, just to show off his wealth.
The disputants straightaway landed in court.
Judge Gerald Sparrow preserved this report:
Swee Ho was proved in good sexual health
By a witness who spoke not one word.
The blushing bride was brought to testify,
Showing the accusation was absurd;
Thus the price of Pu Lin's folly was high.
With the bride’s pregnancy openly flaunted,
Pu Lin was left poorer—and taunted.

Copyright © 2004 Jim Dunlap