Is an attorney in NY. When not writing poetry (or practicing law), he enjoys rock climbing, playing poker, and reading remaindered college texts. "You'd be surprised at what you can learn for a buck, he says. He's currently trying to complete a screenplay on Sonny Liston. Any producers interested?


Speaking in Tongues

Ceberus keeps forgetting.
Though I leave him nightly treats—
sometimes a cat or bit of Tamika's hair—
as if he were a Santa, he refuses
to lick me free, merely chews
on a wall or a book.

Once, as a boy, I let a brindled Dane
tickle me
with his great rough tongue.
Our neighbor screamed
at me to stop, grabbed
the Dane's throat until it stilled.

I should never allow such unsanitary,
disgusting things to happen to me, he warned.
I learned later a dog's lick is always pure.

I have been betrayed
by X.
Deception is addictive and
Isn't algebra wonderful.
Even Jesus could
on the need
for betrayals
once in a while.

Copyright © 2004 Joseph Carcel