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Death of a Scientist

One low gasp - then two,

alerted him to the attack.
unable to draw breath in,
between half swallows
of slow congealing phlegm.

Twin columns,
buckling at the knee,
a thunderous timber,
split in two lightning thrusts.

Eyes drooping,
lips tinted Robin-egg blue,
rosy-cheeked bloom
swept into chalk,
panic distilled to echoes…

“Help! Somebody!”
Tin reverb.
“Help. Somebody.”
Fainted panic.
Please help…my husband?!”

He veered off into heaven,
beckoning Galileo’s swoop from the stars,
but saw only coal and the devil,
and died – a broken man,
with one eternal reminder,
and the cold dead hand of the universe,
closing his heart to her forever.

Copyright © 2004 Nick Zegarac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Bio: Nick Zegarac is a published poet with the poetry Institute of Canada and Poet’s Pen, an author and a university TA who has successfully penned three screenplays, two of which are currently under consideration in Hollywood. He continues to be active on the literary scene, most recently as part of the editorial board responsible for Black Moss Press’ collection of poetry entitled, “Totally Unused Hearts”. Currently Zegarac is aggressively campaigning for a publishing house and agent to share his interests in several literary projects, including two more screenplays, a collection of short stories and a book concerning an overview of Hollywood film making. He divides his time writing editorial columns for Retort Magazine and DVD reviews for Amazon.com and his work as a poet is featured on several net based literary sites.

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