ISSN 1545-2859




             PETER MAGLIOCCO

Woman of Spain

Everything is redolent of Spanish tastes
& ideas Dali basked with Lorca
as they sung with you of beauty's danger,
how it hovered like a dark saber over
their minds, passions & senses gorging
the very pinnacle of aesthetic infatuation
they found exploring you in writing & art.
Around you they fused complicated love
which partly held something either
platonic or secretly bold between them,
displacing the unfathomable with sex
as a unity both male & female exchanged
dancing a fandango on ale-stained floors
while carousing the night's songs away,
before dawn rose to steal the duende
with that fascistic death to come
Franco spilled over the white sands,
until an ebony sun split your haggard flesh
now totally bereft of singular graces
than any lasting artist's.

Copyright © 2004 Peter Magliocco. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.