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Barefoot in white slacks
and her husband's sweater,
she plays the piano most seriously,
bungling Mozart with a grimace
then a grin,
lamplight flickering
unnoticed upon her fingers.

The field from where her progeny
once thrived has withered,
grown voices and opinions
have fled the confines of the arena
where music,
like a tranquilized tiger,
swerves again.

Her foot depresses the pedals,
fingernails carelessly flit keys,
yet in her womb
a musician is conceived.
The house is no longer empty.
Half full with sound,
she nourishes herself.

Copyright © 2004 Michael Keshigian. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Bio: I am a performing musician and collegiate educator in Boston. Recently, poems have been published in the following journals: The Aurorean, Bellowing Ark, Red River Review, Pegasus, Nanny Fanny, Hidden Oak, and Zillah, among others. Three chapbooks have been published: Silent Poems and Dwindling Knight by BoneWorld Publishing/ Translucent View by Four-Sep Publications. I have been nominated for the 2003 Pushcart Prize.