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               JUSTIN EVANS

Impulse Shopper

Today you risk to become the ideal buyer,
one who overbuys everything without analysis.
It would be better if you weren't let out of
your home.
— Cancer, Nov 8, 2003

I went ahead and bought the watch
knowing beforehand I was paying
too much for it. The impulse was
overwhelming, like the urge to yawn
after someone else yawns.

My wife will be angry with me
and who could blame her? Yesterday
it was a power mower. Just last week
it was new floor mats for my car.

It’s like the salesman saw me coming.
It’s like his horoscope told him
all about me and my need to shop.
He was the fly fisherman with the green mayfly
and I was the fat trout coming out of the rocks.

These Mountains Are Literal

From my house I can see
where my grandfather’s brother
lost his hold on the mountain.

His friends found him crumpled,
blonde hair streaked with blood.
They say he was holding his dog
who was just as dead.

Jerry was sixteen. My aunt said
he always looked to distant places
with a smile, losing focus for brief moments.

Not the same unfocused stare
I see my grandfather make
pointing to show the place
where the mountain kept its hold.

Copyright © 2004 Justin Evans. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.