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March 1, 2004: Issue VIII needs no explanation. It says everything and more so I'll make this brief - I know just how God felt on that Seventh Day—elated, relieved but tired as hell. Creation is so much work, but I had lots of help from my angelic contributors. Thank you for reading our journals, enjoy. ~Tryst Editor

Special Acknowledgements & An Important Addendum

On the cover page is the work of Aimea Saul, titled "Shame" which I took the liberty to manipulate in making the cover page. Also by Aimea, "The gods" was turned into a background that you barely see beneath the text.

On the contents page is the work of Nathan Brusovani for the Table of Contents. And in the intro, the text is by Rebecca Seiferle from her interview. The slides are by Erin Conroy Zapletal, as well as, the image to the left. Sweet Erin was so patient and delightful, waited almost a year to be featured in Tryst, that I especially want readers to know what a tremendous contribution to Tryst she was!

Rebecca Seiferle who set aside an exorbitant amount of time to grant me a feature, eight months, several poems, in-depth answers to an extensive interview, a book review, what can I say? Really!? The gift of words is so tremendous.

Then, a new feature, "emerging writers" was specifically created for Sarah Allard and Kyle Killen. Emerging writers should not be confused with novice writers. These two young, and dangerously talented writers are far from being novices. They are just not as well known as Louise Glück and Billy Collins...yet.

The same goes for the rest of my contributors. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our newest writers: Susan H. Case, David Cazden, Glenda Cooper, Jim Ellis, Alejandro Escudé, Justin Evans, Tim Green, Elizabeth Harrison, Pat Hegnauer, Michael Keshigian, Lyn Lifshin, Abha Lyengar, Peter Magliocco, Nicoletta Poulakida, Tom Reynolds, Meg Smith, Jason Visconti, Kirby Wright, and Nick Zegarac.

Tom Sheehan revisits us with a fantastic short story, Banjo and a poem, Movie on a Sunday Afternoon. Our beloved Jim McCurry has a new face and new work in this issue and in Jim's Corner. Rochelle Mass' three poems tell us of an "earth destined for cacti" filled with nervous uncertainty. Arlene Ang has been "experimenting" again with a sci-fi piece. We welcome back our old friends as much as welcome the new. Now, without further ado...let the show begin.


I've added "print" and "print preview" options at the bottom of some of the longer works for ease of reading on screen or printed page. However, your browser may alert you with a security dialog box regarding ActiveX controls and plug-ins. What does all this mean? Well it doesn't mean your privacy is being compromised, it doesn't mean that you have a security issue AND it doesn't mean that you have a virus. It's really simple matter of running a script that you can easily control but it's too complex to explain here. Just email me and I'll walk you through the directions on how to enable Scripts such as these for the future. In some ways the internet was designed to make browsing "safer," but in many cases they can be self defeating. When it works in our favor, it works beautifully.

On a last note, I forgot to add that the upcoming June Issue will be centered around Israel and I am setting up an art sale for all of Tryst's past artists. This sale is only for Tryst's previous contributors and details will be posted in the News Section as early as April. Please check there and don't email me with questions yet.


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