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The Oerol project on the Dutch island of Terschelling was beautiful. YaŽl worked 16 days on three big granite blocks that had been in the sea for hundreds of years. The festival attracts 50,000 visitors per year. Many who visited us were flabbergasted by what this little woman was doing with these stones. Often they came back every day. She creates art for people so they can watch the whole process. Sometimes, she even lets them help her. 

YaŽl doesnít just create an art object. She gives ART to the people for whom it is meant. With every blow of the chisel she pours her love for art into the world and makes each observer realize how important art is. What is an essential part of every human being is love for art which may have been locked up since one stopped being a child. This was my dream and it came through. YaŽl did it, we did it, because I feel it is as much my creativity as hers. For me art is not just a thing of beauty made by talented hands where one can gaze admiringly at. It is much, much more. Most of it is born in the mind and that is what I learned after I met YaŽl. All the other things I did before was preparing the way, but through my encounter with YaŽl it busted open.

A Stone Theatre will be the result next year with the opening of the festival. The islanders will have nine sculptures from the most beautiful granite ever made by an artist under their eyes, instead of a readymade sculpture created somewhere in the intimacy of a studio, (recently somebody call this ďplop-artĒ) Here everyone can relate to art, even the most simple people. Thatís one of her strong points. We have made friends for life with divers, builders, and many people from the island who were so touched. YaŽl loved it and I loved it and the story has only begun. -
Pauline Brenninkmeijer

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