Alex Nodopaka
Dedicated to YaŽl Artsi 

The stele
hewn by her steady hammer
stands boldly poised
against the celestial canopy

In its core
she carves out a porthole 
for the world to enter
and through her eye
mother earth
is reborn.

Cryptic Anagrams

I fear
to decipher and understand them
as my trembling stylus
forms hieroglyphs
whose meanings I do not comprehend.

I call on Jupiter and Zeus 
to answer my dilemma
but all they do is send me Pandora's box and
a sword tethered to its lid by a golden cobweb.

But the gold you see is "Poor man's gold"
tumbling amongst distorted refractions of a
gnome's inflated lyrics.

The song comes from Hellenic lips reflecting only
ever-growing desires to conquer truth when
the truth is no different than any urban Dude
or Cowboy or Zorro sitting across from you
who believes he is Don Juan.

Copyright © 2003 Alex Nodopaka