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Issue VI was a collaborative effort every step along the way. Every single piece of artwork contributed to the whole.  The presentation speaks for itself.  Thank you for reading our journals, enjoy the journey. -Tryst Editor 

The photo to the left, Swan is by Michael Kenna, one of the featured photographers in this issue. 

Copyright 2003 Michael Kenna


Think Again

Angelica Houston once said something along these lines (I am paraphrasing), Id rather lead an interesting life than a successful one. The thought occurred to me is that any life can be interesting and ones definition of interesting or successful can take on many meanings depending upon where youre sitting. If youre sitting on top of the world, I suppose you could consider yourself successful but how interesting could that life be when your vision is obscured by clouds? I'd rather be the one sitting in the bleachers watching life unfolding as it's happening not knowing the outcome. I love surprises and this issue was a huge surprise not just because of its contents, which is stunning in itself but because I dreamed of this day when all my favorite artists could be featured together in one issue. 

Take for example, Michael Kenna. I bought my first book of photos by Michael at The Earthling bookstore in Santa Barbara over ten years ago. The quaint bookstore with its fireplace no longer exists since Barnes & Noble and Borders, both on the same street, put it out of business. However, the book remains as one of my most cherished works of art. Then there is Yal Artsi whose sculptures I had first seen in Los Angeles over twelve years ago. Back then I never thought it possible to meet an artist of her caliber much less feature her. Pauline Brenninkmeijer, while helping me put together Yals feature, dropped another surprise in my lap when she casually mentioned in one of her emails that she had some photos stored on her site. Once I linked to her site, my pulse rate hit the Richter scale. Then there is my dear friend, Carrie Amestoy. That story youll have to read for yourself in her feature. Anymore, I dont try to guess what life has in store for me--just when I think Ive read it all, seen it all, been there, done that, life surprises me with--"think again."

In Other News

Tryst warmly welcomes back Jim McCurry, Shawnte Orion, Kelley White and Teresa White with fresh work. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to some new faces in this issue: Laurie Joan Aron, John Bryan, Martin Burke, R.T. Castleberry, Debi Faulkner, jason e, John Grey, Louisa Howerow, Ward Kelley, Allen McGill, Seth McMillan, Alex Nodopaka, Scott Thouard and Manuel Yang. A special thank you goes to Tim Baskerville for granting me permission to use his interview he conducted with Michael Kenna. As well, my gratitude to Sharon Gayler Amestoy for allowing me to use her photos for Carrie Amestoy's feature. A new section, Jim's Corner has been added to the News Section. Jim McCurry, a frequent and regular contributor of Tryst, has been in four issues so far and I felt he needed a room of his own so that he could always feel at home. But needless to say, it was ultimately his writing that wooed its way in the door.

On a last note, I have phased out the Contributors' Bios page (for now) that has been present in all the past issues.  You may still read each contributor's bio on a separate page by clicking on a name at the top of the page, or by clicking on the bio icon at the bottom of the page.


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