Biographical Sketch

Rich Furman, PhD is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at Colorado State University. His poetry has been published or is soon to be published in: Red Rock Review, Colere, Pearl, Hawaii Review, Black Bear Review, The Journal of Poetry Therapy, Poetry Motel, Penn Review, and well over 100 poems in nearly 100 literary journals. His work has been described as neither street nor beat nor meat nor academic, but an emotionally evocative mix of styles that can be brutally imagistic or powerfully terse. His scholarly writing is concerned with social work ethics, international social work, friendship, social work theory and social work practice. He teaches group and practice courses in the BSW and MSW programs. 

Copyright 2003 Rich Furman

Aqui, no se rinde nadie

He is married to a wonderful women who has more freckles than there are craters on the moon, has two children, loves to mountain bike, and is slightly obsessed with his two spectacular, drooling American Bull dogs. Mostly, he just likes to live as fully as possibly. He welcomes feedback, comments and dialogue about his work. 



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