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Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper has been published in 'lingerings', The Words of a Woman Net Society, Horsethief Journal, Wired Arts from Wired Hearts, Painted Poet Literary and Art Journal, Fluid Ink Press, Ophelia's Muse, Stride Magazine, Poetry Magazine, Vinland Journal, Poetry Niederngasse, Arcanum Cafe, Some Words, Poetic Reflections, Wilmington Blues, In The Eyes Of The Wild, Rustlings Of The Wind, Westlovian Gazette, Erosha Literary Journal, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Creations Journal, Emerging from Twilight - Vol. 2. and Before the Last Shadow Fades, Vol. 3, both A Shadow Poetry Collection, Panda Poetry Magazine, Mi Poesias E-Zine, Battle Stars', Providers in Partnership for Kids, Swan Dive, Wicked Alice, Verse Libre, La Rosa Blanca, Scope Journal, Haiku Hut, WRITE ON!!, Book of Remembrance Poetry Anthology, Vol. 2, Muse Whispers, The Green Fuse, Peshekee River Poetry, The Circle of Addiction, Sound and Silence Magazine, Sol Magazine, Australian Poetic Society, Poetic Voices and many others.

Copyright 2003 Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper


Migrant Mother

Living in Portland, Oregon, USA, Sharon is an active member of the Friends of The Oregon Symphony, Words Of a Woman Net Society, Phenomenal Women of the Web and very much a today's woman. An astrological Leo, this lady thrives on poetry and music.

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