Yoav J. Tenembaum was born in Argentina.  He has lived in Argentina, Israel, the United States, and Britain.  He has pursued his academic studies at Tel Aviv University (BA in History), Cambridge University (Masters in International Relations) and Oxford University( Doctorate in Modern History).  He served in the past as director of a historical exhibition on Columbus and the Jewish contribution to the voyages of discovery (Spain and Israel).  He's the author of The Planet of Mendaoor, a book for children, published by Minerva Press, London.  He is also a journalist and political analyst.

His favorite short-story writer is Somerset Maugham. The best short-story he has ever read was H. G. Wells' "The Country of the Blind."  He has always enjoyed the poetry of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, particularly his various odes. He finds the poetry of the Israeli poet Haim Gury very appealing for its simplicity of structure and language.

Reading biographical articles and historical essays are among his favorite reading materials. But, beyond everything else, Yoav Tenembaum finds intellectual and emotional fulfillment in writing - be it articles, children's stories or poems.

2003 Yoav J. Tenembaum


The Third Head of Janus



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