Jim McCurry currently resides in Galesburg, Illinois. He received his M.A. in creative writing from Colorado State Univ. Recent publications include Alba, Big City Lit., Cyber Oasis, Drought, Eleven Bulls, Fish Drum, Identity Theory, Niederngasse,Snow Monkey Press, Tryst, Poets Against the War,  Zacatecas Review and Zuzu's Petals Quarterly. Earlier credits include Quarterly West and Writer's Forum (Gerard Manley Hopkins Prize, 1999). He's taught at Carl Sandburg College in philosophy and poetry since 1980, and has a PhD from the University of Denver.  Also, Kathryn Rantala, editor of Ravenna Press (which publishes Snow Monkey Press & Alba), is using two of Jim's poems in her pending ebook, "Gustatory in Nature."

2003 Jim McCurry


Ragtime Tristesse

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