Short Stories & Poems: published throughout the United States and Europe in magazines and literary journals, including: FOLIO: A Literary Journal of American University; California Quarterly; Black Spring Review; Curbside Review; Epic Journal and Chronicle; Hidden Oak Poetry Journal; Art & Literary Digest; Poetry Motel; The Pegasus Review; Poetry Eastwest; Midwestern University Quarterly; Matchbook; Environ-mental & Architectural Phenomenology Newsletter; Fullosia Press; Prize Poems Book 2002, Pennsylvania Poetry Society; Dream International Quarterly; ; Newsday; Chicago Tribune; Rexdale Publishing; Confrontation; Tulsa Poetry Quarterly; Maelstrom; The PEN; Poetalk; Mediterranean Review; Pegasus; Blind Manís Rainbow; Iodine; On the Run from the American Dream; Grasslimb, etc.

© 2003 Jack Donahue


The Last Great Two-Handed Set Shooter

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