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I am proud to present Issue III of Tryst.  I would like to thank all the contributors for sharing their words, dreams and personal experiences in the spirit of poetry &  art.  Putting together this issue was nothing less than a labor of love.   In other news, I have applied for an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).  And, I have sent away for an application to nominate for Pushcart Prizes next year. All poets, not just featured poets, will be considered for the nomination.  Guidelines and Links pages have been updated.  Please take a moment to read over any information that may pertain to you.

The image to the left is the artwork of Helyn Davenport, Tryst's Feature Artist in this issue.  You may view more of Helyn's work at her website, Pixiport and here at Tryst.  

Notes, News & Acknowledgements

Helyn Davenport is a professional artist, website owner/designer and CEO of Pixiport. Pixiport is undoubtedly one of the top major sites featuring the work of professional photographers and artists all over the world.  Helyn's own artwork has been exhibited and recognized world wide.  Pixiport is similar to walking into a candy store: one doesn't know where to begin, you just jump in and enjoy the experience.  I literally spent months perusing Helyn's site before soliciting her work.  Finally, when I requested a personal photo for her feature, Helyn admitted that she didn't have many self portraits.  I was not only taken aback, but  amused by the revelation that a photographer didn't own many photos of herself.  What this revealed to me is that Helyn is very modest about her accomplishments; that she portrays herself best through artistic expression.  She is in every sense of the word an extraordinary artist.  To get to know Helyn on a personal basis was one of the many rewards of featuring her work.  My gratitude to Helyn for an illuminating interview and the opportunity to showcase her artwork.

Corrie Ancone is a professional photographic artist residing in Sydney, Australia.  One of my favorite replies by Corrie was, "no worries mia" as she conceded to all my requests cheerfully.  Not only is Corrie's work stunning and captivating, the artist herself commanded my respect and admiration instantly.

T.E. Ballard, Tryst's Feature Poet has just been nominated for a Pushcart Prize for Poetry by Mipo Zines.  It does my heart a world of good to see a poet being recognized for work I and many others have believed in all along.  Congratulations to Teresa with many more to follow.

Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI, poet, writer and versatile artist was born in Bor, which is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey. His important works are, Akşamların Durağı and Karar.  His poems have been translated into French by Yakup YURT who loves art.  Üzeyir was a last-minute surprise for this issue.  I had for the most part cut off submissions when his work arrived and I felt compelled to include his work based upon the diversity of his writing (in five different languages) and artwork which appealed to my senses immediately.       

Literary Visionaries owned by Aaron LaFlora has been added to the Links page.  Whether you're an emerging or a well-published writer, Literary Visionaries is an invaluable resource for all writers needing assistance with their work.  Some of the services that offers is low-cost typing and copy editing; acting as a correspondence liaison between a publisher, agent or lawyer; research and help with submitting and publishing your work.

Rich Furman's first chapbook of poetry was printed by Snorting Dog Press in 2002. He is currently seeking a publisher for his first full-length book, The Trotting Race of Time, 72 pages of poems which subtlety deal with the social conditions in Latin America, alienation, and triumph.

Shawnte Orion's poem, "Cactus Empire" is from an unfinished chapbook of poetry from Arizona. Shawnte was a finalist for Arizona State Poetry Society and Writer's Foundation awards.

Thank you for reading our journals.  Enjoy.

Mia:Tryst Editor

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