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Artist's Bio

Born in Holland I migrated to Australia 1953 settled in South Australia where I attended Primary and Secondary education.

1963-68 I studied many other art-related subjects part time, including Fashion Drawing and Design, and working as a lingerie designer.

1968-1971 , I studied a Diploma of Fine Arts in Adelaide, South Australia at the S.A. School of Arts, where I was introduced to photography as part of my course (3 lessons) I majored in Painting.

In 1973 I had my first painting exhibition .By that time I had set up a darkroom with friends as I had developed a BIG interest in this medium (I was pregnant at the time) voila baby!  I got into baby pics and I was OFF!  I never looked back.  I practiced and experimented and read and read, for the next two and a half years . I landed myself in the freelancing world by accident, through my peer group, in the Film Industry, as a stills photographer!  It was a very creative time (the 70's) and everyone was doing theatre, film, art, music.

In 1976 I had my first showing as a photographer in a group show . I was singled out very favorably by the critics and my confidence was boosted....In 1978 I had my first solo show in photography (exhibitions are all listed on the exhibition page).  During those last years I was also teaching various Art classes.

In 1981 I traveled to UK and Europe where I landed myself a job traveling with and documenting the Dutch Theatre Group, KISS. On returning to Australia in mid 1982, I toured an exhibition of this work Nationally, as the group performed in various places. When in Sydney on tour, (living in Adelaide South Australia) I was interviewed by the late great master of Australian photographers, MAX DUPAIN, for a review article in the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper. It was very favorably written and I was hailed as “blessed with golden fingers” in his crit.

I returned to Adelaide, ran several photographic b/w workshops and returned to freelancing in the photographic industry.  By this stage I was heavily experimenting in the darkroom with overlays (the old sandwiching technique) but only in b&w, with toning and hand coloring added.  I continued to exhibit.  

In 1986 I moved to Sydney, NSW, to further my career and broaden those horizons.  After much settling and hustling was back in the freelancing world. In my art, I began experimenting with overlaying transparencies. I was totally engrossed in the technique and obsessed by the colours collisions and its tendency to create new dimensions with a painterly effect! ...fulfilling my creativity and imagination that had been so trained as a painter.

In 1990 I had my first solo show in Sydney with the transparency overlays that I had created all printed on archival ILFO chrome paper with some B/W's as well.  A great turnout, I was heralded as the 'Queen of Overlays'.  More shows followed in Sydney and other States in Australia.  Today, I continue to freelance with many clients in the Arts and Entertainment, Film, Music Industries; with Community Services and Documentaries.  I am currently liaising, preparing for another show.



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