I would like to thank all the contributors for submitting their artwork in the spirit of poetry.  Without their visions, energy and creativity this issue would not have been possible.  The image to the left is the digital artwork of Paul Gillard, Tryst's feature artist in this issue. 

News, Notes and Acknowledgements

Paul Gillard is a professional artist whose illustrious career encompasses oil painting, watercolor, photography and digital art, which he is in the process of converting to DVD media.  He is also the owner and website designer of PG Media.  When I first solicited Paul for his work, I expressed my admiration of his oil painting, "Blue Storm".  It was his use of colors that caught my attention.  Paul's paintings, for me, are reminiscent of early French Impressionists and Van Gogh to Pollock. His digital compositions, no less than outstanding, were bonuses for the Issue.  Paul was not only wonderfully receptive to my soliciting his work, he lent his expertise and time to create Tryst's illuminated logo at the entrance; as well, he improved some of the images in the Premiere Issue including the cover page.  I am truly indebted to Paul for his generous time and warm spirit.

Itzhak Ben-Arieh is a professional photographer whose work has been exhibited worldwide.  His photography speaks in the most sensuous and elegant language of visual poetry. Libido which is on the cover page of this Issue, I literally implored Itzhak to let me use.  Itzhak is also a writer whose poem, Eve was written as a "thema" to his portrait series by the same title.  I consider Itzhak's work a tribute to the femina, otherwise known as the muse.  Besides the numerous times he obliged my requests for more of his work, I am most grateful to Itzhak for his patience, vision and valuable gift of photography.  

Misha Gordin is a professional photographer who specializes in silver gelatin prints.  His  "conceptual photography" is mesmerizing and riveting in theme and content.  Even though I have been familiar with his work for quite some time, I still find myself continuously stunned over his vision and creative force. The triangle logo at the entrance and subsequent pages of the Premiere Issue is from his work entitled, Liquid Shadow.  My thanks to Misha Gordin with best wishes for his continued success.

John Sweet, Tryst's featured poet, has just released two chapbooks, approaching lost (Via Dolorosa Press) and mapping the rooms of murdered children (Black Hoody Nation):

Black Hoody Nation
Doug Saretsky, Ed.
1970 Westwood Northern Blvd. #5
Cincinnati, OH 45225

Elisha Porat's soon-to-be-published book, Payback, a collection of twelve new short stories from the winner of Israel's Prime Minister's Prize for Literature can be pre-ordered at Amazon.com, Booksurge.com and Infopost.com.  

My gratitude to Lisa Dominici, Syndication Director of WebMD Medscape Health Network, for granting me permission to use the article, Creative Genius Linked to Mental Illness in this issue.

Thank you for reading our journals.  Enjoy.

Mia:Tryst Editor

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