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The Deceitful Glass Ceiling

The deceitful glass ceiling loves to talk to four walls while I'm sleeping

Then laughs when I wake up and complains to the floor

If I bulldoze that house it won't be laughing anymore

Spider Bites

Selfless acts are for fools is what the spider said
If you don't want to get caught stay away from my web
I am not an executioner, just a lonely widowed bride
First you'll feel it in your bones then you'll slowly close your eyes
The world has tried to step on me, tried to end my short life
You think I have venom, try tasting insecticide


Copyright © 2009 Marissa Helene Stoll

Marissa Helene Stoll

Marissa Stoll 24 is currently working on her first book and screenplay which has been prolonged due to her desire to finish college. Her poems, and short stories have been featured in several literary journals which include Humanities Magazine (National), the UK's The Delinquent, and an electric magazine called Recently she received The Raynor Wallace Award