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Dr. James P. McCurry died May 16, 2009, of cancer - a year after he retired from teaching at Carl Sandburg College. Jim was a frequent and longtime contributor of Tryst. He was one of our first and most loyal fans.

A year before Jim retired, he agreed to come onboard as an editor. His first 'assignment' was to write up all future editorials. He wrote until he couldn't write anymore. In the 1999 movie, Twin Falls Idaho, Blake tells Penny, "The story of me is over." Penny replies, "In time, every sad ending will become happy." To which Blake tells her, "The sad ending is only because the author stops telling the story. But it still goes on. It's just untold." We believe Jim's story will continue to be told.

Jim, wherever you are, this one's for you, my friend.


I would like to introduce a most delightful man, Frank Miller, whose work I came across while browsing poetry in the back corners of the internet. His work brought me to tears as will all great poetry.

As for Don Taylor, well, I have been a long time admirer of his intellect, his ability to say it as it is and his keen sense of poetics. He has never failed to light my day and we hope he lights yours with his wit.

We hope our readers will appreciate the gifts all the contributors have given in this giving season.



We had so many wonderful short stories to choose from.  A good short story takes you into someone else’s reality for a time and leaves you thinking about it, and how sometimes circumstances intervene in ways we can never predict.  I hope that these stories will tickle your fancy like they did mine.


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