Golan Moskowitz has been fascinated by visual art for as long as he can remember. An interest in portraiture in particular has directed his focus to the portrayal of human expression. Currently 20 years old, Golan has been creating serious portraits for about six years. While Golan enjoys experimenting with pastels and paint, he has had most of his experience in pencil work. Golan is a studio art major at Vassar College with additional interests in psychology and literature. He aspires toward a career in which he will be able to make ample use of his creative energies.

Artist's Statement: My approach to drawing and painting involves quiet, psychological study and an attempt to heighten gesture. My pencil subjects are both highly described and somewhat transient in their contexts, which are often fleeting or abstracted by interrupting moments of color. They are simultaneously solidified to completion and shaken into flux. My goal is to capture the real, human essense of subjects within images that challenge their stability. I hope to eventually further focus my work and create meaningful, large scale paintings that will psychologically or emotionally affect great amounts of people.

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